Rabu, 13 November 2019 - 20:36 WIB


By : Toni Ervianto

At 8.45 AM at North Sumatera Police Offices had been attacked by “lone wolf” terrorist cadre whic had taken 1 people dead and others injured. Those attacks had shown that police both of offices and its members are being targeted by alledgedly terror groups. Previously, several similiar attacks did not anticipate and detect.

Terror attacks at police offices has been indicating that deradicalization efforts, early detection operation and literacing our own people must be effectively and massively done through an inovation and new strategy with society participation.

Those attacks has been showing that the caderization and recruitment terror group members are relatively success, and its could bring seriously warning for our national security climates.

We must happy even though we must keep to answer why these terror attacks does not make some of foreign mass media to cover it? At least, until these article has made, BBC, CNN, Al Jazaara, Russia Today, Channel News Asis etc are not interesting to publish it. It gives possitive image for Indonesia.

Indonesia’s government under Jokowi-Amin’s administration has tried to eliminate and to crush the cell terror groups arround Indonesia. Several international think thank have predicted that especially in Indonesia and Malaysia have been developed sleeper cell terror.

Possitively, whereever, whenever and how many times terror attacks had been occured in Indonesia, its didn’t make Indonesian people fear but they go to more brave to fight against terrorism.

Basically and must be admitted that in Indonesia, we have a lot of seeds of terroristm trigger because in our beloved country we are still fighting against an intolerance, massively identity politic practices, and vandalism economic including politics. If we want to secure and free from the next time terror attacks, we must try to overthrow the seeds of terrorism. There is an intolerance, poverty, identity politic and unwalfare conditions and last but not least we must care each others because we have same purpose to make Indonesia glory and exist forever. Hopefully.

The writer is politic, economic, security and an international issues observer. He earned his master degree at the University of Indonesia (UI)

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