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State Civil Apparatus and Social Media

By : Amanda

Being state civil apparatus or known called as ASN/PNS is proudly itself because ASN) is a main engine or spearhead to excecution government bureaucracy process in order to bureaucracy can accelerate development output and its outcome including reaching national purposes.

Because that, it is main duty and main mission if ASN must have single loyality to our national ideology Pancasila, our supreme law is UUD 1945, Indonesia Unitary State or NKRI and absolutely must be loyal to government.

President Jokowi had ordered all of ministers and head of state agencies to moderate and to upgrade government competitiveness level through several policies such as to curtail bureaucracy structural levels especially ecellon III and IV, discoursing about flexy working space program until 11 ministers and head of state agencies had signed radicalism rule of law or known as radicalism SKB.

Being launched those rules or SKB has been criticazing by Kontras as the government’s intention to go back to new order regime, whils Kontras’s notion absolutely wrong, because it is very absurd to reborn new order regime amids social media and democracy climate in Indonesia which it has grown well and perfectly. Then, Politic, Security and Law Coordinator Minister, Mahfud MD also denied Kontras notion related to SKB 11 ministers.

The writer has believe in good intention from government to protect state civil apparatus through those SKB in order to government will always remember and to educate ASN to keep their loyality, solidity, and their obey to the government, because indeed ASN’s salaries has given by state, and writer agree with Struggle Indonesia Democratic Party (PDIP) legislative member, Arif Wibowo that if ASN want to relaxe and freely from government’s policies and rules, they must resign from the government bureaucracy.

Nowadays, many of circuumstances if which it does not early anticipate will endanger government and lastly it can endanger state, including the existency of our national ideology and tenet, Pancasila, and we must vigilance on intensively and massively information, news, hoaxes etc circulation on social media sosial which could interfere ASN’s loyality and if its happened could make government bureaucracy will be interupted and broken down so its impacts will be given an advantage situation for anti NKRI to use it.

From several open sources information, we know that approximately around 800.000 state apparatus have been inserting with radicalism point of views. Besides that, even though HTI/ Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia had banned by the government, but HTI’s symphatizers and followers have kept to consolidate and bothering government through caliph notion and teaching through on social media which targeting ASN, military and police personell. Meanwhile former HTI, including cell terror groups also using social media to critic government performance and efforts also they are spreading their propaganda if government apparatus are thoghut or infidels and because that government could be changed and thrown.

Once more again, several policies and rules which were launched related to ASN does not curtail efforts but as the government ways to protect and remembering them to use their social media account with wisdom and prudent. Do not spread hoaxes, hate speech and bigotry on social media. It will more better if ASN has been participating to spread and to diseminate government achievement on social media.

The writer is bureaucracy observer.

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